December 3, 2023

Fighting advanced fraud threats in the era of identity

All around the world, fraud threats are hitting historic highs. Digital transformation and modern conveniences - such as remote account sign-ups, are, in part, to blame for fraud’s progression. Fraudsters have found a new, rich market—and they’re not going to let go.

But, even as fraudsters are getting more innovative in their quest, you can fight back and protect your business. The first step is knowledge.

In this video interview, Peter Counter (Editor in Chief, FindBiometrics) and Simon Horswell (Sr. Fraud Expert, Onfido) discuss the many aspects of modern fraud and how biometrics and identity solutions can help build trust for both the business and the user. Watch now to discover the key to today’s fraud prevention strategies.


The clients that just request document verification and aren’t tying it to biometrics, they tend to experience 5x the amount of fraud as the next client who has attached a static photograph to it. That goes then goes down again if the client has decided that they want to have a live-capture, so like a video capture… so it’s all increments… it raises the bar.

Simon Horswell, Sr. Manager, Fraud Prevention, Onfido