reduction in time to onboard customers

with Onfido’s consistent and fast performance
1 hour

manual work saved for each verified customer

due to fewer in-house and manual processes

The challenge

Grover is shaking up retail with their flexible tech rental model. It also means that they sit at a special place in the market. They are both a financial 'lending' company as they provide a rental service to their customers, but also a 'retail' company as their offering is built around an eCommerce experience. This unique service brings unique challenges around risk.

To reduce risk when renting their products to business customers, Grover were performing a detailed review on each business customer that signed up to their system to verify their identity. This expensive manual process took valuable time away from the team, and created an imperfect user experience due to waiting times of a day or more to access the Grover service.

And for Grover, customer experience – in both their B2B and B2C segments – is key, always asking “how can we build the most secure experience with the fewest constraints on our users?” Onfido stepped in to help Grover walk that tightrope between catching the bad actors and delighting the good ones.

The solution

With Onfido’s Document Verification and Selfie Biometrics, Grover were able to build a flow that allowed them to reduce the risk when providing their service at scale, without compromising on the shopping experience.

The integration was seamless, too. Grover went from concept to version one of an Onfido SDK integration in a single two-week sprint, enabling their Product team to go into production sooner.

Our business customers do not want to go through heavyweight processes; they want a seamless rental experience. Onfido is lightweight and dynamic, and with them we have been able to build an identity verification experience that is also a smooth checkout experience.

Jason Efstathiou, Product Owner at Grover

The results

For Grover, integrating with Onfido has impacted both their business and their customers in a number of ways. In terms of enabling access to potential business customers, Grover were able to move away from a lengthy, manual onboarding processes to an automated, and fully GDPR-compliant identity verification process that cut down the time required to register new business customers by a whole day. This means that they get more good customers through the door, which is essential for any growing business.

And as a growing business, adding in Document and Biometric checks has also served to increase trust in the Grover customer journey. It’s harder for bad actors to commit fraud, and reassures legitimate customers that proper care is being taken to protect them.

Additionally, working with the Onfido SDK has enabled the Grover team to push the boundaries of customer experience. They’ve tweaked and triggered identity checks at the points in the user journey that make the most sense, whilst retaining the 'Grover feel' throughout.

What next? Grover will continue to drive for a customer experience that’s smoother and enables access to the best in tech for more customers and businesses – we’ll be there to help.

About Grover

Grover is a leading German 'Rent Tech' business – giving individuals and businesses on-demand and worry-free access to gadgets and office equipment through simple monthly rentals.