7 mins

from 'unknown' to 'verified' legal identity

compared to days of manual processes with local providers

countries that Entify can now reach

opening legal entity verification to a global audience

The challenge

Entify was born out of necessity. There was a lack of a simple, fully automated and all-in-one legal entity verification solution for businesses. Their CEO, Neeme Org, set out to build one.

And they didn’t want to do it alone. Identity verification is fundamental when screening for whether a person has the legal right to represent a company.

Setting out to build a fully automated solution that would be fast, efficient, and globally accessible, Entify found that many providers still relied on manual checks in some aspects of their identity verification process. All of these are prone to delays and frequent human error. So when it came to partnering for Know Your Customer (KYC) identity checks, any potential partner had to provide a smart, automated service that they could rely on.

The solution

Entify partnered with Onfido to identify the people representing legal entities, such as a business’s key individuals, and verify their documents for KYC purposes. Meaning they could smoothly and efficiently make sure that the users of Entify solution are who they say they are, and not a fraudster acting as someone else.

Onfido has helped us shape our verification process so that we have been able to accelerate our growth. I see our partnership as the foundation to changing the KYC and KYB industry, by making the verification process convenient both for the experts and novices all over the world.

Neeme Org, CEO at Entify

The results

For Entify, the impact of partnering with Onfido was immediate. For any customers who wish to supplement legal identity verifications with KYC checks, Entify integrates Onfido’s KYC solution into that workflow, for a smoother customer experience.

And thanks to Onfido’s hybrid approach, combining automated AI and human experts, verifying a legal entity for Entify takes just 7 minutes.

Partnering with Onfido has helped Entify expand their reach — they now verify legal entities in more than 150 countries. Onfido’s coverage stretches to 4,500 documents in 196 countries, so they can rely on a single KYC identity provider without having to integrate a new solution for every market they operate in.

What does the future hold? Entify is looking to expand the reach of their background checks beyond Europe and into the US, while at the same time building their product from an API-only offering to the front-end SDK and full self-service environment. Whatever next, Onfido will be there along the way with them. 

About Entify

Estonia-based Entify is the automated one-click business KYC solution, making international business more trustworthy. It ensures your business has enough info on your potential partners or customers to decide whether you should work with them.