AI is the answer to many of the digital age’s common problems. It’s how we automate tasks at unimaginable scale, so we can have everything, at any time, lightning fast. But, when applied to biometrics, AI often performs better for some than others. So what are experts doing to make AI ethical?

In this webinar Martins Bruveris (Senior Applied Scientist), Sarah Munro (Senior Director, Biometrics), and Giulia Di Nola (Product Manager, Biometrics) discuss:

  • Why bias is inherent in AI — and the importance of mitigating it
  • How to measure bias in biometric products — and the approach Onfido takes
  • How to mitigate bias through training strategies
Building AI without bias

Learn more about our approach to AI bias mitigation, and how we’ve applied it to our biometric solutions.

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