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Automated KYC for Romania

Address Decision no. 564/2021 for customer onboarding with an automated KYC partner. The Real Identity Platform is an all-in-one solution that combines document, biometric, and data verification with no-code orchestration. It’s how we make KYC compliance simple for 1,000+ businesses.

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How can Onfido help?

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Navigate KYC requirements

Create digital journeys that are compliant and scalable, all in a drag-and-drop interface.

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Reduce complexity

Orchestrate a library of solutions in a single platform that’s used by 1,000+ global businesses.

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Stop sophisticated fraud

Detect professional fraud rings thanks to pinpoint analysis powered by Atlas™ AI.

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Convert more users with fast and accessible experiences built with them in mind.

What are KYC requirements in Romania?

The Autoritatea pentru Digitalizarea României (ADR) outlines routes for businesses to fulfill their obligations under Decision no. 564/2021. Article 4 states that regulated industries are able to integrate ETSI-certified identity verification from an EU-based third-party provider — provided they take out suitable liability insurance.

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How does Onfido help?

Our ETSI-certified solution has also been certified against Decision No. 564/2021. In fact, we already work with a number of Romanian financial services to onboard new customers compliantly, including First Bank and TBI Bank. We are able to support client applications to the ADR by providing our full conformity assessments report and certification.

Romanian identity verification report.
TBI Bank

66% reduction

in cost to acquire new customer

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First Bank

80% faster

to onboard new customers

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38 seconds faster

average results delivery compared to previous provider

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93% reduction

in fraudulent accounts compared with microcharge verification

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Identity verification solutions for
KYC in Romania

A Romanian versus French compliance workflow.

Onfido Compliance Suite

Onfido’s Compliance Suite is an off-the-shelf, AML-compliant onboarding solution. ETSI-certified identity verification, including Document Verification, Biometric Verification, and Device Intelligence, are brought together in Onfido Studio — creating a flexible, user-friendly, and compliant end-to-end workflow.  

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Phone easy capture experience

Smart Capture

Make document and biometric capture seamless with our Smart Capture SDKs. They feature glare and blur detection, multi-frame image capture, and WCAG AA accessibility features.

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IDV workflow in Onfido Studio

Onfido Studio

Build identity verification workflows according to your needs in our drag-and-drop orchestration tool. Your users are automatically routed to the path that makes the most sense for them to maximize conversion and minimize risk.

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Atlas AI

Atlas™ AI

The state-of-the-art AI powering the Real Identity Platform. It’s how we provide fair, fast, and accurate results.

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Compliance certifications

We help hundreds of businesses navigate compliance worldwide. Our solution meets ETSI TS 119 461, ETSI EN 319 401, and eIDAS Regulation EU 2014/910.