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Fraud detection

Digital identity verification that’s as advanced as the fraudsters


We're building a digital-first, customer-first banking service, going above and beyond the benchmark set by branches. A key part of that is making a sign-up experience that is compliant and frictionless. Onfido helps us to do just that.

Joseph Connelly

Senior Product Manager, Mettle

Identity fraud is constantly evolving. Don’t let your business fall behind

Identity fraud is a major threat to any business. It’s a risk to revenue and to customer trust alike.

Since the digital revolution, identity fraud has evolved. It’s now the fastest-growing crime, as fraudsters can mount attacks and share techniques more quickly than ever.

But the right online identity verification can defend against this risk. Smart identity checks at the start of the customer journey, or at high-risk touch points, can keep fraudsters away from your platform, and keep your revenue safe too.

doc verification

Fighting identity fraud begins with document verification

Document verification can catch bad actors before they enter your platform and harm your business. But document fraud is complex, and ever-evolving.

Run by world-class document experts—who work alongside INTERPOL to train governments on document fraud detection—Onfido’s Document Verification catches up to 98.7% of all identity fraud attempts, and protects against the key pillars of document fraud, from forgeries to counterfeits, physical to digital.

It’s also truly international identity verification, covering over 2,500 document types from 195 countries.

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facial biometrics

Facial biometrics protect against stolen IDs and impersonation

But what happens when you come across more sophisticated identity fraud? After you’ve verified a document, you may need the extra assurance of verifying the person presenting it.

That’s when you need to layer your approach, adding facial biometrics to your online identity verification.

Onfido’s Biometric Verification lets you confidently verify that a document really belongs to the person uploading it, and that they’re there—in person—during the identity check.

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scale with security 1

Balance your fraud risk appetite with your ideal customer experience

Levels of identity fraud risk differ from business to business. So it’s important that your online identity verification lets you set a balance between identity fraud detection and frictionless user experience that matches your risk appetite and customer base.

Onfido offers tailored configurations, so that your identity verification works for both your business and your customers. You can choose your solution to get the results you want, from light-touch document verification to multi-layered checks including facial biometrics.

No matter the configuration you choose, our unique mobile SDK lets you build the ideal flow to get your customers from A to B. Real-time feedback and glare detection mean they’re not left frustrated with identity verification checks—so they become active and transacting sooner.

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Fraud detection tailored for your business

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Revolut verified and onboarded users from 168 different countries in just 1 month.

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Drivy decreased the frequency of theft attempts by 23% since switching to Onfido from an alternative provider.

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