Proof of address

Enhance identity verification with seamless proof of address verification.

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The challenge

Onfido’s proof of address (PoA) report is an enhanced part of our verification process, built to enable the capture, verification and upload of PoA documents across the US, Canada, UK and Europe.

Build a process that works for you with our Web, iOS and Android SDKs or API and allow your customers to upload documents including bank statements and utility bills via mobile, desktop or across devices. All as part of one simple onboarding step.

How can proof of address help?

Navigate AML regulations with ease

PoA is an essential piece of meeting many AML directives at the point of onboarding new customers. Robust PoA processes are a critical requirement for many regulated organizations.

Higher efficiency, lower operational costs.

For most teams, capturing and verifying PoA is a time-intensive and manual task, which impacts their productivity and your customers' experience.

Onfido’s PoA report allows you to perform the necessary checks as part of your existing digital verification process. We scale to meet your demand, so you don’t need to build large operational teams to enable growth.

Increase confidence and trust

Onfido’s PoA report offers best in class analysis of submitted documents to assure document integrity and a verified address match with the applicant.

30 minute 24/7 SLA for PoA

How it works

Customers are directed to submit a supported document, such as a bank statement or utility bill.

We provide results in the Onfido dashboard. The result returned is clear or consider or null depending on the following factors:

A: The quality of the PoA document

B: The data contained on the PoA document matching the data submitted by the applicant

C: The PoA document's authenticity

Learn more about how we drive value in our customer case studies.

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