AAMVA check

Validate identities against US driver's license databases.

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The challenge

Trusting your customers is essential for healthy business growth. How can you know if an ID used at onboarding truly came from the issuing authority?

Synthetic identity fraud, when real information like a stolen license is combined with fake information to create a new document, accounts for up to 85% of identity attacks in the US. Synthetic identities are difficult to spot and can cause harm beyond day one.

Onfido’s AAMVA check is your first line of defense against synthetic identity fraud. Access the entire database of the American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators’ 38 states DMV records with a single integration with AAMVA Check. The AAMVA database is a highly reliable source of truth, and can be paired with Onfido’s document and biometric verification in Onfido Studio to offer strong fraud protection.

How can AAMVA check help?

Multiple databases, one integration

Direct-to-AAMVA integrations are complex, slow, and each state’s DMV returns results inconsistency. Onfido builds an abstraction layer over AAMVA’s legacy APIs to return standardized results and clear logic recommendations.

Fast, actionable results

Onfido’s AAMVA check searches 38 states’ DMV records, so you can get fast results and recommendations of the identity check right in Onfido’s dashboard in seconds.

Combine with Real Identity components for broad, reliable fraud signals

Combine Onfido’s AAMVA check with Onfido’s document and biometric verification for robust fraud prevention in a single point of integration. Document verification analyzes IDs at a pixel level to check against tampering, while biometric verification ensures a user is live and present and matches the ID they are submitting.

Access the entire database of AAMVA’s 38 states DMV records with a single integration.

How it works

A customer submits their driver's license data – only two data points are needed to verify it with the issuing authority.

Onfido searches state DMV databases in seconds, all through one powerful integration with the AAMVA. Onfido’s API is based on REST principles, using standard HTTP response codes and verbs, and token-based authentication, for a seamless experience.

Onfido returns results via the API or dashboard with clear, actionable results in 3 seconds or less. Recommendations of ‘clear,’ ‘consider’ or ‘unverified’ give you the confidence to make an informed decision and take the best course of action.

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