Smart Capture SDK

Maximize conversion with a world-class capture experience.

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The challenge

User experience is critical to successful onboarding. Potential customers demand a fast and frictionless experience. If the capturing and uploading document images or facial biometrics as part of identity verification is frustrating, users will not convert. The capture experience must be fast, efficient and guide the user to easily take high-quality images the first time around.

Onfido Smart Capture is an easily integratable SDK that delivers an exceptional identity verification experience.

How can Smart Capture help?

Real-time feedback

Proactive real-time blur and glare feedback ensures users eliminate image capture errors instantly, resulting in faster turnaround times and improved conversion rates. 

Multi-frame image capture

Image enhancement technology captures a short video and automatically selects the best available image of a user and their document, reducing image rejection due to blur, glare, and camera positioning by up to 70%. 

Passive fraud signals

NFC scanning provides an additional layer of protection leveraging digital technology at the point of onboarding. Device integrity, network intelligence, and geolocation signals detect and mitigate non-visual document and biometric fraud.

Out of the box functionality

Reduce app development costs and accelerate time to market by leveraging our expertise working with thousands of customer centric businesses. Smart Capture is continuously tested and optimized to ensure compatibility with the latest hardware on iOS and Android. Built-in metrics track and measure performance to improve your verification workflows.

Reduce image rejection due to blur, glare, and camera positioning by up to 70%

How it works?

Smart Capture communicates directly with Onfido’s back-end services to execute the identity verification process as well as transmit the on-device signals for fraud assessment.

Document verification. The SDK guides a user through the image capture experience with real-time feedback. For supported documents images are auto-captured when a document is detected, and NFC scanning is enabled. The images are then uploaded for processing.

Biometric verification. The SDK can be configured to complete two types of biometric verification:

1) Selfie. Users take a selfie. We guide them through the process with real- time feedback. Then we analyze if the selfie matches their photo ID and run passive liveness checks to protect against digital spoofs.

2) Motion. Users take a selfie and turn their head. We guide them through the capture process in seconds. Analysis is 100% automated with 95% checks returned seconds and iBeta PAD Level 2 compliant. It offers greater protection from sophisticated attack methods like display attacks and 2D/3D masks.

When you run a check using Smart Capture we extract, classify, and assess the data, providing results back via our dashboard or API in seconds so potential customers aren’t left waiting.

Learn more about how we drive conversion in our customer case studies.

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