Today we announced an exciting partnership with trusted eSignature and document management company, Scrive, giving customers virtually global coverage for performing secure online identity checks. 

Electronic identity (eID), a secure and user-friendly way for businesses to establish trust with their customers and partners in a digital environment, is well established in the Nordic countries, with growing adoption in Europe. Scrive provides many of these eID services within its e-signing and identification platforms. But most countries don’t have eID schemes, and Scrive’s customers do business all over the world. Onfido’s solution is an online alternative that accomplishes secure identity verification in 195 countries worldwide.

By integrating Onfido’s AI-powered technology, Scrive users are able to identify themselves by simply taking a photo of their government-issued ID and a selfie. Onfido first checks that the ID seems genuine and is not fraudulent, and then matches it to the user’s face. This ensures the person presenting the identity is its legitimate owner and is physically present. Users are able to start their digital journey anywhere, anytime, through a simple and user-friendly online experience that meets regulatory requirements.

With Scrive’s operations quickly expanding, both current and new customers will benefit from the fact that Onfido supports over 4,500 document types across 195 countries. The Onfido partnership opens new markets for both Scrive and its customers. As of today, Onfido is available in the Scrive eSign service and eID Hub identification platform.

This is a game-changer for our customers. In one quick leap, they now have a secure method for identifying their customers and partners almost anywhere in the world. When signing agreements, onboarding and performing high-risk transactions, the vast majority of countries don’t have a national eID like Swedish BankID. And even where eIDs are available, Onfido can provide an additional layer of security when required.

Scrive, CEO, Viktor Wrede

“As we move from a physical to a digital world, businesses shouldn’t have to choose between simple user experience and secure identity verification,” said Husayn Kassai, CEO and co-founder at Onfido.“We bring trust to digital interactions worldwide, and we’re very happy to be supporting Scrive’s rapid expansion into new markets. We pride ourselves on delivering seamless access to online services that both detects and prevents fraudulent attempts while enabling the business to scale."