Pan-European payments service provider Lemonway partners with AI-powered identity verification provider to onboard and verify users.

Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication company, today announced its partnership with Lemonway, a leading Pan-European payment institution, to streamline user onboarding and know your customer (KYC) processes with Onfido's AI-powered identity verification solution.

Lemonway provides a secure, modular and compliant payment solution to simplify transactions on product marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms throughout Europe. The end-to-end payment API for the B2B and B2C market automates payment flow so clients such as HelloAsso, Renault, Decathlon, Oui and SNCF can focus on the growth of their platforms.

As a licensed payment institution not only do we help platforms secure transactions, we constantly want to keep them ahead of the game. Our collaboration with Onfido is one of the first milestones of an upcoming visionary KYC experience made by and for marketplaces.

Simon Berger-Perrin, Chief Product Officer at Lemonway

The partnership with Onfido will empower Lemonway clients to offer users a seamless onboarding experience with accessibility features, live and quick feedback using liveness and biometric technologies. This will help increase revenue thanks to an optimized completion rate and fraud mitigation.

Onfido's award-winning technology helps to simplify the onboarding process, empowering Lemonway users to verify their identity securely and quickly within minutes.

  • New users simply take a photo of their government-issued identity document (ID) and a short selfie video.
  • Onfido first checks that the ID is genuine and not fraudulent.
  • Then with biometric recognition technology, Onfido checks that the selfie video is real and live and matches with the ID. This ensures the person presenting the identity is its legitimate owner and is physically present.
  • Users are able to start their digital journey anywhere, anytime, through a simple and user-friendly online experience that meets regulatory requirements.

"In today's digital age, users and businesses increasingly expect a seamless digital experience so that they can easily prove their real identity while knowing it is secure", said Oliver Krebs, SVP of EMEA at Onfido. "We bring trust to digital transactions worldwide, and we're very happy to be supporting Lemonway's digital initiatives. We pride ourselves on delivering access to online services that both detect and prevent fraudulent attempts while enabling the business to scale and meet regulatory requirements."