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Identity access management just got a little bit better.

What if your users could easily register for and engage with your services all within the Okta platform, using only an ID and their face? 

Well now they can. The Okta + Onfido integration unlocks effective identity lifecycle management.

Okta provides the access management, authentication, and tokenization needed to manage your customer identities. And Onfido verifies your users’ real identities, by analyzing their government-issued ID and facial biometrics.

Since you’re already using Okta, it’s a simple process to set up this integration. Get in touch for a personal demo.

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Convert more users with remote onboarding

A digital onboarding process means you can get more customers through the door, and our low friction, mobile-optimized process means lower drop off rates. There are no complex registration forms to put customers off.

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Make informed decisions

Our document verification checks data consistency, performs image analysis and detects font anomalies. And our biometric verification compares your users’ facial biometrics to the photo on the ID, and generates a score based on the similarity. All results are managed via our dashboard, so you know your genuine customers from the fraudsters.

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Account recovery made easy

Your users can recover accounts, reset passwords, or reset two-factor authentication methods in seconds, not minutes. All with something they can’t forget… their face! It reduces friction for your customers, and workload for your support staff.

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Onfido uses 256-bit SSL encryption 100% of the time on every device.


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