Why choose Onfido over IDnow?

Meet local regulatory compliance needs without limiting your scale across borders. With Onfido, an Entrust company, you can overcome many of the challenges facing IDnow customers, with global identity verification across 195 countries, award-winning fraud detection, no-code integration, and a UX-centric user experience. From ETSI-certified identity verification to Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), we’re making identity simpler for businesses. 

See why The Forrester Wave™, KupperingerCole Market Compass, Frost & Sullivan and others all place Onfido as a top identity verification provider globally. We offer the most comprehensive identity and security solutions to enhance growth and trust across digital transactions.

3 reasons to choose Onfido versus IDnow for IDV

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See what benefits a global provider can offer, from global  verification support, to a no-code workflow builder and seamless integration.

Reach more users with global coverage backed by local compliance

Address complex local regulatory needs, including AML/LCB-FT with Onfido’s Compliance Suite. Our off-the-shelf solution combines ETSI-certified identity verification with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) to offer simple, seamless, customer onboarding in EU markets such as France and Romania. 

ETSI-certified identity verification combined with QES is also eIDAS compliant and accepted across the EU. Combined with Onfido’s global document coverage, we’re helping businesses unlock and expand globally, not just within Europe.

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Compliance journeys around the globe.

Flexible orchestration, no-code integration

Build, maintain, and optimize your verification journeys with no code. Onfido Studio gives you the tools to create flexible workflows, from off-the-shelf templates to tailor-made locally compliant workflows, with a simple drag-and-drop approach.

Align your verification journeys to match individual customers’ risk profiles, or create experiences to address compliance requirements such as ETSI in the EU.

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Onboard more users, without increasing your fraud risk

Identity verification shouldn’t be a headache for your customers. Onfido’s Smart Capture SDKs are simple to integrate across iOS, Android, and web, add a level of security, and support 44 languages out of the box; they’re built to help you reach more customers globally.

Smart Capture uses AI to guide your customer through the verification process, including glare and blur detection, plus a host of WCAG 2.1 accredited accessibility features, helping you to get your customers successfully onboarded on the first try.

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Compliance certifications

We help hundreds of businesses navigate compliance worldwide. Our solution meets ETSI TS 119 461, ETSI EN 319 401, eIDAS Regulation EU 2014/910, and the UK Government's Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.