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Zinc is an employee background check platform that revolutionizes the hiring processes and enhances candidate experiences. Zinc supports checks in over 190 countries, seamlessly integrates with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Zinc primarily caters to medium-sized enterprises in regulated sectors such as Healthcare, Fintech, Education, and Energy.


Because of their previous identity verification partner’s limitations, Zinc sought a more flexible solution to provide a faster and more robust API for their background screening processes. The most pressing issues faced were around the versatility of the API and dated documentation.

The solution: 

Zinc significantly improved their employee background check processes on various devices by integrating Onfido's web SDK into their universal web application. This integration empowered Zinc to offer a world-first automated global right to work solution, enabled by Onfido's identity verification tools. Candidates can now conveniently reuse their right to work proof, thanks to this streamlined process.

Onfido's premium product, which includes Watchlist Standard, Watchlist Enhanced, Document Verification, Selfie Verification, ID Record, and Proof of Address, perfectly aligned with Zinc's needs. This depth and versatility allowed Zinc to create a unique global right to work checking product, accepting passports, national IDs, and visas from around the world.

By leveraging Onfido's document and selfie verification capabilities, Zinc earned a place in the trust framework, gaining high confidence and recognition among a select few organizations. This achievement is a testament to the effectiveness of Onfido's solutions.

Zinc also utilized Onfido's ID record and proof of address products to enhance their address checking process significantly. This comprehensive solution enables Zinc to comply with the digital identity checking guidelines set by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). As a result, Zinc and its customers can efficiently meet identity checking laws and automate compliance for the DBS.

It's worth noting that Onfido is a certified identity service provider (IDSP) under the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (UKDIATF). This prestigious certification means that Onfido's solutions meet the trust framework standards for right to work, right to rent, and the Disclosure and Barring Service's (DBS) screening checks, establishing them as a reliable partner in identity verification.

The results:

The partnership between Zinc and Onfido yielded significant results:

  • Reduced check turnaround times: Zinc and Onfido helped employers reduce their background check turnaround times from an average of 3 weeks to just 3 days, significantly accelerating the hiring process.
  • Superior background check experiences: Onfido's solutions enabled Zinc to transform checking experiences for employers, achieving an average rating of 4.89 out of 5. This improved candidate satisfaction and streamlined the onboarding process.
  • Expanded product offerings and revenue growth: With the flexibility of Onfido's offerings, Zinc was able to expand their product portfolio and enter new markets which resulted in increased revenue and market reach.
  • Enhanced global support: The partnership with Onfido empowered Zinc to enter new territories and serve clients across different countries thanks to Onfido’s global capabilities.

With the Zinc and Onfido partnership, both companies have benefited from faster check turnaround times, improved checking experiences, expanded product offerings, and increased revenue. The collaboration has positioned both Zinc and Onfido for continued growth, profitability, and success in the employee background check industry.

Partnering with Onfido has been a game-changer for Zinc and the companies we serve. By combining Zinc's innovative background checking platform with Onfido's advanced identity verification solutions, we are empowering businesses to make faster, more informed hiring decisions. Our collaboration has revolutionized the way companies verify employee identities, reducing turnaround times and improving overall efficiency. Together, Zinc and Onfido are transforming the hiring landscape, helping companies build trusted and qualified teams with confidence.

David Hayes, Head of Partnerships, Zinc