InvestEngine, a fast-growing exchange-traded funds (ETF) investment platform, is making investments in ETFs easy in the UK. While still a relatively new business, they allow retail investors to access over 500 ETFs with no commission. InvestEngine needed to ensure that they knew their users’ true identity, without introducing high levels of friction or rejecting genuine customers, so they partnered with Onfido to help navigate today’s KYC compliance regulations.

Since introducing Onfido’s identity record checks and watchlist solutions — InvestEngine has seen a significant uplift in acceptance rates, thanks to superior match rates via trusted data sources. They’ve also introduced Onfido’s document and biometric identity verification checks thereby reducing the need for manual onboarding reviews, so new users can still be seamlessly onboarded. 

Watch as Oliver Rodwell, Compliance Director of InvestEngine shares the details of our partnership, integration successes, and business results.

They’re very proactive; they’re talking to us all the time.

Oliver Rodwell, Compliance Director, InvestEngine