Identity verification and background checks for the digital age

Trust is the currency of the Sharing Economy. Powered by machine-learning, Onfido’s software can accurately verify anyone in the world — within seconds.

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Verify anyone remotely

Powered by machine-learning software, Onfido’s proprietary Identity Verification solution lets you verify your users and workers remotely, ensuring that they are who they say they are.

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Run checks at scale

Process high volumes of checks anywhere in the world and receive results within seconds via our RESTful API.

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Simplify your user experience

Integrate directly with Onfido’s platform to minimise friction for your users and reduce operational overheads for your internal teams.

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What that means for your business

Onboard more users, without the risk

More users, less risk

Onfido combines global coverage and unparallelled match-rates with a robust and rigorous configuration of checks, allowing you to onboard a maximum number of users with minimum risk.

Building a trusting economy

Onfido’s background checks are based on hard data — turning the art of trust into a science — so that you and your users can make confident, informed decisions on the people with whom you interact.

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