Onfido and Delfin Health partner to bring employees safely back to work and get people traveling again amid COVID-19 pandemic

September 15, 2020 Paul Jarratt

Klarity app, which assesses the health risks of people returning to work or traveling, onboards users safely and securely using Onifdo’s document and selfie check

Today, Onfido announced a partnership with Delfin Health, a leading digital health solutions provider, to ensure employees and the traveling public can be quickly and securely onboarded to Delfin’s AI-powered health data management solution, Klarity.

To enable the safe return to work, employers use Klarity to predict, monitor and test the health and safety of their workforce, without compromising employee privacy. Klarity can also be used as a two-test solution for the traveling public, where a test is taken on arrival at an airport and another is taken 5-8 days later, dramatically reducing quarantine time.

Created by Delfin Health and DocHQ, Klarity combines AI-driven health1 and Covid-19 risk assessments – based on the latest clinical data and guidance for all major chronic diseases– along with daily symptom checking and a proprietary testing process including the support of 2,500+ medical professionals. It also gives people the power to take control of their own health information by providing a digital wallet for storing and easily sharing their vaccination status.

To sign up to Klarity, people are verified using Onfido by simply taking a photo of their government-issued ID and a short video selfie. Onfido’s award-winning technology first checks that the ID seems genuine and is not fraudulent, before matching it to the user’s face using facial biometrics. This ensures the person presenting the identity is its legitimate owner and is physically present. 

Users are then asked a series of questions to get their Indicative Health Risk Assessment. They are also asked to upload any COVID-19 test results they have or vaccinations. The burden and cost of testing is reduced both through the use of proprietary technology but also working in collaboration with national testing initiatives wherever possible. A score is then presented based on a proprietary health scoring methodology with a highly accurate prediction engine modelled on seven million patient years of both health and lifestyle data. This score can then be unlocked by the user with their facial biometrics provided at registration and shared securely with their employer, healthcare professional, or airport immigration official. 







Signs of workforces slowly returning to work are evident across the board, from office workers to retail. Half of UK workers returned to their workplace in the last week of August, the highest number since lockdown began in March, according to the Office for National Statistics. More are expected to return this week as school summer holidays end. In July, UK retail sales continued to recover as the value of sales increased by 4.4% and volume sales by 3.6% when compared with the previous month.

“As employers like Bloomberg begin offering cash incentives to get their staff back in the office, it’s more important than ever to ensure employees can return in a safe and secure way,” said Will Cooper, CEO of Delfin Health. “Our partnership with Onfido allows us to do this by securely binding a person's digital identity with their health status. Maintaining security and privacy is at the core of our health data management platform and through Klarity, we can help get the economy moving again with more people returning to work and embarking on international travel.”

“We’re excited to partner with Delfin Health to enable employers to safely and securely welcome their staff back to work,” said Husayn Kassai, CEO and Co-founder of Onfido. “By putting the public in control of their own health data and ensuring that only they can access and share this data, we can build trust in such back-to-work and back-to-travel solutions. Delfin shares this same philosophy and together, in Klarity, we believe we can get more people back to work faster and traveling again in a safe, secure and privacy-focused way.”

For more information on Klarity, visit https://getklarity.io/

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