Why we signed The Mental Health Pledge

Harry Richardson

Why we signed The Mental Health Pledge

Today (10th October) is World Mental Health Day. As an HR Manager supporting 150 people, it’s an important day for me, serving as a reminder of the importance of looking after our minds as well as our bodies. After all, we all have mental health!

This year, we at Onfido are proud to launch The Mental Health Pledge. Working in collaboration with Sanctus - our mental health partners – we pledge to create an open environment where mental health is supported, and people can bring their full selves to work.

Sanctus have done a huge amount to help our organisational journey to better mental health, by delivering one-to-one mental health coaching for any Onfidoer who wants support. Now, they’ve devised a list of ten principles to help us and other like-minded companies in the Sanctus community take the next step.

The Mental Health Pledge formalises our intention to pioneer a progressive approach to mental health in the workplace. It’s ultimately a promise to our team that, as a company, Onfido supports mental health in the same way that we support physical health.

We see the benefits to Onfido and our people as threefold:

  1. It acts as a statement of intent of the importance that we, as a company, put on supporting mental health at work.

  2. We do a lot to promote mental wellbeing at Onfido (see my previous blog on taking a positive approach to mental health at work), but we’ve never articulated a formal mental health strategy. The Pledge is therefore our ‘North Star’ for where we want to get to as an organisation.

  3. By sharing the pledge with our team, we can gather feedback about how we’re performing against the principles. This means we can keep ourselves honest, and encourage a culture of continuous learning and improvement when it comes to supporting mental health at work.

I’m delighted to share the Pledge with our team today. Ultimately, everyone at Onfido has a part to play in making it a success – and everyone stands to benefit from it, too.

Let’s go ‘mental’!


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