Onfido is hiring: find out more about the Applied Science team

Onfido is hiring senior research scientists across Europe (UK, France, Germany, and Portugal) within our Center of Applied AI. Here's why you should consider joining us.

The mission

Whether you want to open a bank account or hire a car, our lives are moving online. That means millions of everyday interactions now happen digitally—without ever meeting anyone face-to-face. Increasingly, our identities are becoming the new currency which we use to access online services. But with half the world still unbanked, and identity fraud on the rise, that’s becoming more and more difficult. So our mission is to create an open world, where identity is the key to access.

We use machine learning to assess whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compare it against their facial biometrics. As a global leader in computer vision, our AI-powered platform learns to identify fraud as it evolves over time. Our goal is to apply cutting-edge research to build powerful, intuitive products that drive inclusion and safety online—without compromising on user privacy.

That’s how we give companies like Revolut, Bunq and Drivy (now Getaround) the assurance they need to onboard users remotely and securely across 195 countries… and we’re just getting started with our mission to create an open world!

The challenge

Onfido is assembling a team of world-leading AI and identity experts within the Center for Applied AI to solve the problem of digital identity. Our mission is to make a giant leap forward, bringing our identity verification engine to the next level. Here are a few examples of problems we are working on:

  • Is a government ID presented by the user genuine?

  • Is the person in front of the camera a real person?

  • Is the person in front of the camera the same person as on the ID?

  • Have we seen this person before?

As you can imagine, these questions translate into challenging computer vision and machine learning problems. But that’s not it! We operate under the most challenging conditions:

  • We're held to the highest performance standards by our clients. A single missed fraud can have dramatic consequences, while rejecting genuine users hurts the user experience and the business.

  • Explainability is a core issue for us. When something bad happens, we must be able to articulate why it happened in a speedy and crystal clear way.

  • We're committed to building fair AI in an ethical way. Our product must work equally well for all demographics across the globe. We are at the forefront of this with the ICO, the UK’s Information Commissioner's Office.

  • Our work must scale to thousands of document types, hundreds of devices, and millions of daily checks across the globe.

  • It's a never-ending story. As more of the world moves online, attacks become more and more elaborate. It's not just a case of keeping up: we need to constantly anticipate and stay ahead of the fraudsters.

We're just at the beginning of an amazing journey through machine learning, computer vision and signal processing. We build systems that can learn from few examples and generalize to unseen data.  We deal with temporal data drifts and covariate shifts. We bring interpretability in our models without sacrificing performance.  We strive for the efficiency of our models both in the backend world and the frontend, embedded world. We push for the limits of what can be done with a smartphone sensor suite while keeping user privacy at the front and center of what we do. In short, we are at the forefront of multiple areas of Applied AI.

The culture

Most companies describe their corporate values using words. Onfido isn’t like most companies. Five animals define the important behaviors that make us special—the lion, the penguin, the bee, the finch, and the chimp. Each of them represents a way of working that matters to us: succeeding together, creating customer buzz, finding a better way, learning & sharing things, and taking pride in what we do. Check out Life at Onfido!

About the Applied Science team

The Applied Science team is at the core of Onfido’s technologies. Almost every service within Onfido has a core driver technology that was researched, developed and deployed by the team. The opportunity to make an impact at the company level is immense and immediate.

Here’s what we stand by:

  1. We measure our impact using company goals

  2. We list our assumptions and constantly challenge them

  3. We dive deep, insist on the highest standards, and deliver best of breed solutions

  4. We constantly learn, think big, and stay informed of external research

  5. We are pragmatic in our approach, and find balance between the tactical and the strategic

  6. We frequently seek feedback from our customers and innovate on their behalf

  7. We create systems for the rapid and smooth deployment of our innovations to production

  8. We actively uphold privacy and ethics in developing and deploying AI

  9. We have fun!

In summary - we're a high-performing, friendly bunch obsessed with customer needs and fairness. 

We hope you found this blog post exciting.  We are hiring in the UK, France, Germany, and Portugal in a remote-first setup. If all this sounds exciting to you, check out our job page and whitepapers, and read more about our Center of Applied AI!

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