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Identity Fraud Report 2022

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Identity fraud has risen 44% since 2019. Consumers and businesses alike have moved rapidly online over the last few years, and fraudsters have followed suit. Put simply, more online activity means more opportunities for fraudsters.

But as we head into 2022, which fraud trends are here to stay, and have any new ones emerged?

Read the full report to find out what fraudulent trends and techniques have emerged over the last year, as well as best practices you can put in place to prevent them.

Within this publication, Onfido’s team of experts provide a useful reference guide on emerging fraud trends and techniques, as well as outlining some of the measures practitioners can take to prevent them.

What fraud trends have emerged?

Average ID fraud rates hit 5.9% in 2021

Average ID fraud rates hit 5.9% in 2021

ID fraud is yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, up 44% since 2019.

Fraudsters continue to target crypto platforms

Fraudsters continue to target crypto platforms

As the price of crypto rises, so does the number of fraudulent attacks.

Medium fraud has risen by 57%

Medium fraud has risen by 57%

Driven by organized criminals who favor duplication techniques.

About this report

This Identity Fraud Report unpacks the fraudulent trends and techniques that we’ve seen emerge from 2021. Produced in collaboration with Onfido’s Document and Biometric experts, and featuring a foreword by Interpol, it examines fraudulent activity relating to the identity landscape.

Onfido verifies millions of identities every year for our clients. This gives us a unique insight into the developing trends across both document and biometric fraud.

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