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Verifying real identity in a remote world

How do you verify real people in the digital world? Onfido helps companies see real identity – the humans behind the screens – using world-leading AI and identity experts. Your customers can prove their identities, wherever they are, with just an ID and their face. So you’ll have everything you need to grow your business securely.

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What does Onfido do?

How does Onfido help your business?

Transform how you see identity

Anchor your user’s digital account to their real identity with just their ID and face. Then re-verify or authenticate them when needed with a selfie.

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Drive business results with identity verification and authentication

See how Onfido’s identity verification has helped businesses like yours onboard more users, reduce fraud and free up resources for internal teams.

Djoeri Timessen
Lewis Tuff
Jose Arocha

4 weeks from concept to production-ready, for a seamless and digital-first route to market.


The results are pretty staggering. We’re able to onboard 5x the volume of users. 80% of users are approved automatically, and the rest approved within minutes.

Djoeri Timessen

Chief Product Officer, Bunq

Onfido have really aligned with our priorities… identifying problems early, collaborating on solutions and improving the overall integration.

Lewis Tuff

Lead Platform Engineer, Revolut

2nd Address saw a 35% reduction in fraud after switching: Continuing ID verification manually was not an option.

Jose Arocha

Director of Product, 2nd Address

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Read case study

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