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With Onfido, make identity verification for AML and KYC compliance work for you.

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"Onfido have really aligned with our priorities, working with us to achieve our desired delivery by rapidly responding and iterating on their offering. Direct contact between our engineering teams has fostered a mutually beneficial partnership – identifying problems early, collaborating on solutions and improving the overall integration."

Lewis Tuff

Lead Platform Engineer, Revolut

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"Onfido consistently delivers higher pass rates than any other provider—and they’re able to do this without compromising on speed or security. This has helped significantly reduce the cost of manual review as we onboard more new, global users to our platform."

Nate Spanier

VP Global Payments and Expansion, Remitly

Tackling identity verification requirements for AML and KYC

From Anti Money Laundering to Know Your Customer regulations, compliance isn’t easy. Not only is it an expensive process requiring a lot of manual work, it also leads to high drop-off rates because of the amount of data your users have to provide.

Meet regulatory obligations and delight your customers

Meet regulatory obligations and delight your customers

You don’t need to compromise on user experience to meet the identity verification requirements of KYC and AML regulations.

Onfido helps you balance both priorities with user-centric design, adding extra smoothness to areas where you need to ask your customers for more data to verify their identity. For example, Onfido’s unique SDKs include glare and blur detection, which give real-time feedback to help users submit only high-quality pictures for document verification. Our OCR Autofill extracts data from their identity document and uses it to automatically prefill the sign up form, so they don’t even need to type. Easy. And our SDKs work across all platforms—from desktop to tablet and smartphone—so users can pick what works for them.

No wonder we have one of the best conversion rates in the market. Revolut increased customers onboarded by 12% following their switch to Onfido, and LendInvest increased their pass rate to an average of 97%.

A risk-based approach that fits your KYC IDV requirements

A risk-based approach that fits your KYC IDV requirements

Build the registration flow that’s right for your business. When it comes to identity verification requirements for KYC and AML compliance, you need a risk-based solution that can fit in with your wider plan to address these regulations. We’ve created tailored configurations of our identity verification platform, so you can adjust Onfido to find the right balance of convenience and security to match the level of risk you’re comfortable with, and the individual risk profiles of your users.

For example, you can use a document-first onboarding process to either supplement traditional credit data checks or replace them altogether. In the first instance, only users who don’t match traditional data sources need to perform an additional document or biometric check to confirm their identity. In the second instance, all users need to perform a biometric step at onboarding—giving you the assurance that each user is genuine and the true owner of their ID.

Reduce operational costs—and scale up faster than ever

Reduce operational costs—and scale up faster than ever

Staying compliant can add significantly to your operational costs, thanks to manual review—but it doesn’t have to. Onfido helps you scale cost-effectively by using a hybrid of AI and human experts, and streamlining the process to reduce your internal costs.

Whenever we perform checks for your business, we’ll give you a report, flagging up anything that needs your attention. These granular breakdowns show you exactly which users are suspicious and why. This means that your internal teams can resolve the matter quickly and efficiently, saving you thousands of hours in manual review. Since working with Onfido, challenger bank Bunq now handles five times the volume with the exact same force and Revolut saves 3,500 hours each week.

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Identity verification for AML and KYC has never been easier, safer or more efficient.

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