Unashamedly passionate about what we do, Onfido is a team of bold and creative start-up professionals drawn from all walks of life.

Our vision

Build the trust engine to power human interactions worldwide

Onfido Values

When defining our company values, we started with the principles which already lay at Onfido’s core — the lived behaviours that make our culture so strong.

During a team workshop, we decided that words alone were not enough! So we have used a powerful combination of animal and colour imagery (both universal, cross-cultural symbols — important for an international team) to typify the core values you see below.

Onfido culture
Onfido culture
Onfido culture
Onfido penguin

Succeed together

Achieve collective impact by being generous with your time, care and expertise. Look for opportunities to work collaboratively, drawing ideas and experience from across the company in order to make great decisions. Be biased towards collaboration.

Onfido lion

Take pride

Care intensely about company success. Together, we own Onfido — and we should own our contributions in the same way. We should be proud of every piece of code, every piece of content, every interaction with a client, applicant, candidate or investor.

Onfido chimp

Learn things, share them

Be voracious. Read, go to conferences and meetups, be constantly in pursuit of new understanding. And, when you have it, plough it back into the community — whether Onfido or something bigger.

Onfido finch

Find a better way

The assumption is: there’s always a better way. Whether you get there in baby steps or giant leaps, the only way to success is via constant experimentation. Fix what’s broken and make what works even better.