Protect your bottom line from damage, while verifying more drivers and renters.


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"Onfido is a fantastic partner to work with. Their mobile first document and facial verification is helping us to achieve our core mission of convenient car rental, while improving the safety of our platform. It benefits everyone."

Rajesh Bysani

CPO, Zoomcar

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"The superior level of trust, security and smooth user experience was a deciding factor for choosing Onfido."

Taher Hassonjee

Director of Business Development, RVShare

Prevent damage and theft from bad users

Prevent damage and theft from bad users. And reward the good ones.

Car hire, scooter hire or RV hire—you have to protect your bottom line from damaged or stolen rentals. And if you’re a car sharing company, you have to keep your drivers and riders safe. Since bad actors like to use fake identities, identity verification is the key to weed out the impersonators.

Onfido lets you verify a driver’s license and biometrics quickly and remotely, at onboarding or at points of risk.

But what about good users? With Onfido, you don’t have to add friction to their experience just to catch out the bad actors. Onfido helps the world’s largest car hire companies drive customer loyalty by giving users a standout, effortless experience. Our counter bypass support saves users time at check-in: by verifying their driver’s licence when they sign up with you, they can skip the line when they pick up their car.

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Scale globally

Scale globally. Keep operational costs low.

In-house manual teams can only take you so far. Fast growing transport companies find that they quickly run out of road when demand surges. Onfido’s hybrid model uses a combination of AI and human experts. It’s the most effective way to handle volume surges and safeguard your pass rates.

You also need identity verification that gives you truly global coverage without increasing operational costs. Onfido supports 4,500 identity documents in 195 countries.

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License verification for drivers and age
          verification for riders

License verification for drivers and age verification for riders.

Regulation doesn’t have to slow you down. In fact, Onfido helps you manage your compliance risk while making your user onboarding as quick and easy as possible.

For example, Onfido offers driver’s license verification and age verification to users wherever they are, using a mobile device, a computer—or both.

Uniquely, Onfido also extracts vehicle and driver eligibility data from the reverse of the driving license, without adding an extra step to your process.

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