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Onfido Real Identity Platform

Build trust with your customers using a flexible, end-to-end identity verification platform. Powered by Atlas™ AI, the Onfido Real Identity Platform allows you to orchestrate award-winning document and biometric verifications, trusted data sources, and fraud detection signals.

What is the Real Identity Platform?

The Real Identity Platform explainer video.

End-to-end identity verification delivers results

54% improved fraud detection accuracy

Improved fraud accuracy

The Real Identity Platform improves document fraud accuracy by 54% year-over-year.

First time pass rate

First-time pass rate

Smart Capture SDK offers proven performance with 90% first-time pass rates.


Fast identity verification

Atlas AI delivers fully-automated identity verification with 95% completed in under 10 seconds.

Onfido Verification Suite

Verification Suite

Access a curated library of identity verification services including our award-winning document and biometric solutions, trusted global data sources, and fraud detection signals.

Document and biometric verification 

Our award-winning document and biometric solutions give you confidence in customer identity at onboarding and beyond. 

Data verification 

Navigate KYC and AML compliance at scale with a library of ID record, proof of address, and watchlist screening solutions.

Fraud signals 

Passive signals identify fraud before it impacts your business. We analyze geolocation, IP reputation, and device integrity.

Explore Onfido Verification Suite
Onfido Studio

Onfido Studio

Build and optimize identity verification flows using Onfido Studio, a powerful orchestration layer that acts as the mission control for identity verification.

Workflow Builder 

Create verification flows that take each customer on the right path. Allow low-risk customers to get fast access and direct riskier customers to more verifications.

Smart Capture SDK

Integrate with your existing applications using our flexible, easy-to-integrate SDK that offers accessibility features and intelligent end-user feedback to correct things like blurred or cropped images.

Full automation

Set smart conditions within your workflows to automate decision-making and improve turnaround time, clear rates, and fraud detection accuracy. 

Onfido Atlas

Onfido Atlas™ AI

Get fair, fast, and accurate identity verification powered by AI with a risk engine and anti-bias capabilities built in.

Anti-bias AI 

Atlas is trained on diverse datasets and tested to ensure it performs the same for everyone. 

Built in-house 

Atlas was built and refined in-house over the last 10 years in partnership with the world’s leading businesses. 

Lightning fast 

Atlas delivers results fast, so good customers aren’t kept waiting.

Pinpoint accuracy 

With over 10,000 micro-models that specialize in individual tasks, Atlas is highly adaptive and accurate.

How can Onfido help with KYC and AML compliance and fraud detection?

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