Verification Suite

Document Verification

Create confidence in a customer’s identity by verifying a photo ID. Powered by Atlas™ AI, our document verification delivers actionable results that are fair, fast, and accurate. We support over 2,500 document types in 195 countries.

Fraud prevention

Stop fraud before it impacts your business

Our document verification is powered by Atlas AI. Built on data from tens of millions of global document verifications, Atlas is composed of 10,000+ micro-models that detect specific fraud attack vectors with precision.

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Onboarding conversion

Best-in-class capture experience

Our Smart Capture SDK is built with conversion in mind. All a customer needs to do is take a photo of their ID. Our image enhancement technology captures a burst of photos and automatically selects the best one. This reduces image rejection due to blur, glare, and camera positioning by up to 70%.

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Supported documents

Global document coverage

Meet regulatory standards around the world. Our document verification supports over 2,500 of the world’s documents and we are always adding more — so customers aren’t turned away because their documents are unsupported.

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Document verification features

Person at computer

Autofill form fields

Make life easy for your customers and enhance data integrity. Customers simply take a photo of their ID, and we extract the data to seamlessly populate sign-up forms.

We can also verify document eligibility in real time based on document type, or data points like expiration date, and immediately guide users to submit an alternative document — offering immediate feedback to boost conversion.

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Stop repeat attempts

Confidently catch sophisticated document fraud with a real-time comparison to historic onboarded documents to detect repeat ID document usage.

Repeat Attempts operates in the background and requires no additional action from your users — strengthening security without adding friction.

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Image of a phone scanning a passport

Unlock NFC security features

If near-field communication (NFC) is supported by a document, we guide customers to tap it against their phone to further improve security and boost conversion by up to 13%.

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Document verification is the process of verifying whether an identity document presented by an individual is genuine or fraudulent. Document verification typically verifies identity documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, National Identity Cards, residence permits and more. See the full list of supported documents that Onfido verifies. 

Alongside document verification, businesses will also often verify proof of address documents, including bank statements and/or utility bills to determine a person’s address. 

Step 1: Capturing the document
During the onboarding process, a user takes a photo of their identity document and submits a high-quality image for verification.

Step 2: Data extraction
OCR Autofill extracts the data from the document to seamlessly populate sign-up forms, and ensure data integrity.

Step 3: Document validation
AI technology assesses the document, verifying the visual, data, and metadata elements of each document in seconds, to determine whether it’s genuine or fraudulent.

Document verification usually takes just a few seconds to return results. Onfido’s solution verifies 95% of users in under 10 seconds.