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Document and biometric verification

Our award-winning document and biometric verification solutions create confidence in customer identity from day one. Powered by Atlas™ AI, our suite of verifications deliver automated identity verification that’s fair, fast, and accurate.

Onboard and acquire customers

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Onboard and acquire customers

Exceed customer expectations with world-class onboarding experiences powered by ethical AI.

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Navigate global compliance

Meet global KYC, AML, and other regulatory compliance requirements.

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Enhance fraud protection

Detect fraud using intelligent analysis that looks for fraud markers across thousands of documents.

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Document verification

Accurate results powered by AI

Get fast and accurate document verification results using AI that classifies documents in milliseconds and deploys specialized micro-models trained on specific document characteristics.

Seamless capture experience

Offer a one-tap capture experience using our Smart Capture SDK. It guides customers with real-time glare and blur detection and supports NFC technology.

Global document support

Verify documents from across the globe. We support over 2,500 of the world’s documents and are always adding more – so good customers aren’t turned away.

Discover our document verification
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Biometric verification

Create confidence in identity

Ensure identity documents are presented by their rightful owners. Our biometric verification matches the photo on an ID to facial biometrics captured in the same flow.

Configure your verification

Use Onfido Studio to configure your verification. Choose to capture a static selfie or short video – whatever best fits your user experience, risk, and compliance needs.

Identify fraud with passive signals

We automatically analyze a number of passive liveness signals at the point of capture to spot submissions of non-original captures, such as photos of screens and printed images.

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Face Authenticate

High-assurance biometric authentication

Offer biometric authentication that uses something people can’t lose – their face. A simple face scan is all it takes to authenticate customers with a 1 in 12.8 million chance of missed fraud.

Automate recovery and access

Whether it’s for account recovery, high-risk action approval, or to enable access in the real world, Face Authenticate offers secure self-service to customers.

Deliver an enhanced experience

No searching for recovery keys. No waiting for one-time passwords. No time on hold with a help desk. Customers simply frame their face for a few seconds to gain self-service access.

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Automated analysis powered by Atlas

Onfido Atlas is the state-of-the-art AI built in-house to power the Real Identity Platform. Atlas enables automated document and biometric verification and delivers accurate and fast identity verification results at scale.

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