Breakers to Makers Panel 1: A Responsible Economy

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde speaks to Daniel Warne (Deliveroo), Penny Roberts (, Greg Marsh (Onefinestay) & Debbie Wosskow (LoveHomeSwap) about what it takes to build a responsible Sharing & On Demand economy. Highlights: 01:10 - What does responsibility mean for the Sharing Economy? 02:36 - Debbie Wosskow discusses SEUK 04:20 - To what extent is the UK government a positive force for the Sharing Economy? 04:38 - Greg Marsh discusses the UK’s schizophrenic approach 05:06 - “What responsibility really means is to be a good citizen in the markets you operate in and embrace that it is market by market engagement.” Greg Marsh 08:23 - “Without our providers there is no business.” Penny Roberts on the importance acting responsibly towards providers 09:52 - Daniel Warne on how responsibility has made Deliveroo a market leader 12:07 - “If you are not perceived to be responsible in the way that you treat drivers, retailers, customers, hosts, guests, cleaners… then you don’t have a business.” - Debbie Wosskow 16:05 - The UK is ahead of the game 20:50 - “Most of our customers hadn’t had a cleaner before we came along.” Penny Roberts on the bringing Hassle to Ireland 22:28- Daniel Warne on the business-contractor relationship 22:50 - “In our business [...] you work when you want, it’s highly flexible with regards to holiday, and there is the opportunity to make significant more money, the harder you work - which is very entrepreneurial.” Daniel Warne how UK legislation has shifted to favour entrepreneurialism 23:40 - Debbie Wosskow on the TfL consultation and the implication for the Sharing Economy 26:55 - Debbie Wosskow on the importance of responsibility for the generation of SODE businesses to come 27:38 - “If we get this concept of trust, authentication and validation right, my hope is that it will help the new guys in their drive to attract customers and carve out their own territory.” - Debbie Wosskow 30:21 - “Businesses like ours and businesses like Hassle help put that mark of trust on their business so that both the consumer and the regulatory bodies know that there have been checks.” - Daniel Warne 31:50 - “Doing the right thing, not the quick thing, doing it in the right way and in a responsible way is a powerful recruitment and incentivisation tool.” - Greg Marsh on business’ duty to their users. 33:09 - Audience question 1: How do you handle disintermediation and ensure that the quality of the service provided remains high? 35:33 - Audience question 2: What does the transaction value have to be to make it worth sharing an asset? 39:41 - Audience question 3: Is there anything that keeps you up at night with regards to legislation? 44:17 - Audience question 4: To what extent does the Amazon & eBay review scandal concern you?

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