Onfido & Forgerock: Identity, privacy, and consent – critical healthcare capabilities

August 4, 2020


The expectations of health plan members are changing quicker than the delivery of digital services.

Are you ready?

We are faced with compromises today that may limit the ability to pivot during competitive times, let alone during a crisis.  Ensuring that security and trust for members should never be compromised and allowing a customer experience that builds upon that trust for the members to return can be tricky.

Watch this webinar, presented by Ashley Stevenson (VP Product & Solution Marketing at Forgerock) and Kevin Trilli (Chief Product Officer at Onfido), to learn how to:

  • Value Identity as an accelerator to the future needs of healthcare.
  • Allow members to safely and easily enter and move through your portals and applications (wherever they may be located) creates loyalty.
  • Enable family and other trusted loved ones to access member’s data during critical periods.
  • Use biometrics to identify and validate a member to prevent fraud and mitigate risk of access to vulnerable information.

A member’s journey can take a number of different steps, but the value and trust you provide for each engagement keeps them coming back.

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