KuppingerCole & Onfido: Entering the Virtual World with Identity Verification

January 6, 2021


The way consumers access products and services across sectors has changed forever as interactions move from physical to digital engagement. What started as a change born from convenience, is now a necessity and solidifying into a long-term behavioural shift. As consumers choose to access more goods and services digitally than ever before, it is essential that organisations meet users’ expectations of instant and convenient transactions, or risk losing customers to more customer centric online competitors.

As businesses accelerate digital transformation initiatives to enable online customer onboarding at scale, digital identity verification becomes pivotal to knowing who they’re doing business with online. An identity strategy is essential in providing protection against fraud, increasing conversion rates, and providing a smoother user experience.

Watch this webinar to discuss:

- How digital identity is enabling businesses to meet customer expectations in an online world
- How acquisition strategies need to evolve to drive growth
- How to become digital-first, without inviting additional fraud
- The importance of approved and accredited vendors


- Anne Bailey, Analyst at KuppingerCole
- Oliver Krebs, VP of Central EMEA region at Onfido

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