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Are you using the best approach to verify customer identities?

Typical identity verification solutions are falling short. They’re vulnerable to data breaches and hacks. With so much compromised personal information, how do you know your genuine customers from your fraudulent ones? Get it wrong and you leave your business open to fraud.

Read our ebook to learn how Onfido’s identity verification technology can help you verify your users’ identities with confidence. Plus get statistics on the difference we’ve made to businesses like yours.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Safely onboard more customers, even those with thin credit files: We've helped Revolut sign up millions of new customers, increasing remote onboarding by 12% since they switched to us.
  2. Supercharge your operations team to maximize new-market growth: Bunq were able to onboard 5x the volume of customers without hiring a single extra Operator.
  3. Address identity KYC and AML compliance: Make compliance your competitive advantage.


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