The Mental Health Pledge

Harry Richardson


For employers who put their people first.


This mental health pledge is made by Onfido and championed internally by Harry Richardson on 19/09/2017.

“We pledge to create an open environment where mental health is supported, and people can bring their full selves to work."

This is Onfido’s pledge to its people towards treating mental health in the same way as physical health within the workplace.

The Pledgor:

a) The pledgor is one of the people responsible for; people, talent or company culture within Onfido.
b) The pledgor is willing to make a considered effort to adhere to the commitments set out below, with an overall view to giving mental health and physical health equal dedication within the workplace.

This document is not legally binding and instead, forms a dedicated commitment and set of intentions, that can be adhered to without financial investment. This pledge is signed with the intention to pioneer a progressive approach to mental health in the workplace and create an environment where people can bring their full selves to work.

The Pledge:

1) We commit to raise awareness and education of mental health within the workplace. Therefore, striving to create an open and empathetic environment where conversations around mental health are supported and accepted by all members of staff.

2) We will communicate the importance of this pledge and the company's stance towards mental health throughout all levels within the business, including the c-suite and senior management.

3) We will ensure everyone is given adequate space to understand and determine their mental health needs. This may be through basic signposting, time-off, verbal support and/or paid-for internal resources.

4) We intend to fully take into account individual mental health circumstances when making business decisions whenever possible.

5) We acknowledge that in 1:1 conversations it's appropriate to discuss not only business performance but overall well-being too.

6) We consider activities that are beneficial for mental health (such as yoga, meditation or coaching) equally on the cultural/wellbeing agenda alongside activities for other areas of wellbeing (such as sports teams etc).

7) We will make a considered effort to promote the company’s policy or offerings towards mental health to our employees.

8) We promise to ensure that if we’re providing health insurance for the team, it will have adequate provisions for mental health support.

9) We confirm that having a historic mental health problem, issue or illness will not be a barrier to career progression or development within the organisation.

10) We agree to treat mental health days equally to physical sick days. Therefore, sickness absence refers to any and all absence related to mental and/or physical incapacity to work.


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