Sourcing Tech Talent at Silicon Milkroundabout

Nitin Moorjani

Sourcing Tech Talent at Silicon Milkroundabout

Last Sunday we exhibited at Silicon Milkroundabout, a tech recruitment fair in Old Street, London. We’d previously met and successfully recruited Machine Learning Engineers, QA Engineers and Software Engineers from SMR and so were keen to see who we would meet this time - hopefully an awesome DevOps Engineer!

It was great to be involved again, and this time we came armed with delicious cupcakes and two old school classics; Pac-Man and Space Invaders!

Here’s what we learned on the day.

Interest in Machine Learning is growing

We met a lot of Data Scientists at #SMR12 that were keen to specialise in Machine Learning and apply research in a commercial environment. Jacques, our Lead Research Engineer, had the chance to speak to a lot of mathematicians and physicists, as well as candidates who had worked with Natural Language Processing (NLP). Previous SMR events have also been quite beneficial in getting high calibre candidates who would have seen us at the show but might not have been able to come and talk to us. In fact some of our team join us in exactly that way!

We also spoke to a range of engineers who were naturally very impressed by our Machine Learning and Computer Vision application, which enables our ID verification solution to verify anyone, anywhere. As we’re always interested in talking with awesome Machine Learning / Computer Vision Engineers, this was a great opportunity for our Research folks to talk to people that wanted to join the team and work with cutting edge technology to solve a complex problem: global identity fraud.

Our culture attracted a lot of positive feedback

We know that working in a startup, or starting your own, is now much more commonplace. What matters to most people that we spoke with was to work on a real-world problem, in an environment where the people and culture worked for them. We were therefore delighted to have a lot of positive feedback about our Life at Onfido video, which showcases a small part of what it’s like to work here.

Culture isn’t about benefits or perks. For us, our culture is about a style and approach of working and communicating that facilitates succeeding together, taking pride in your work, learning things and sharing them, and finding better ways of doing things. We’re always looking at ways to become an even more inclusive and diverse workplace and, talking to candidates, they really felt that our culture made us an exciting prospect.

People were also interested to find out about some of our benefits. The benefits we have aren’t our culture, they’re simply designed to support a great work/life balance - so everyone is happy and can be productive. We had a lot of interest in our coding club, where our engineers run weekly classes helping teach those that are interested how to code. Our free yoga classes and language lessons (we’re currently doing Spanish, French and English) also got a lot of attention!

It's always really encouraging to see (and speak to!) the wealth of tech talent London has to offer, and we had a great time meeting all the bright minds that came to Silicon Milk Roundabout.

If you’re interested in finding your next challenge, you can find out more about the opportunities we have at Onfido on our Careers page.


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