Sanctions screening in 2022: how to adapt to fast moving change | Webinar

May 5, 2022


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in some of the widest-reaching international financial and economic sanctions in history. For financial services, it’s become significantly more complex to stay compliant. Sanctions lists are changing daily, and the stakes are high for financial services businesses who might be subject to multiple lists worldwide.

In this webinar Francesca Porter (General Counsel, Onfido) and Charlie Delingpole, (CEO, ComplyAdvantage) will discuss the landscape and best practices for staying compliant during instability.

Watch to learn:

  • About the current sanctions landscape, and how it’s expected to develop

  • How to evaluate and develop sanctions compliance processes

  • Best practices for sanctions screening for existing and new customers​

Read more about how your business can navigate sanctions compliance and how Onfido can help

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