Okta & Onfido: Elevate Your Customer Experience with Digital Identity

February 19, 2021


The way we live our lives is changing — as brick and mortar businesses have shifted their operations online, they’ve been forced to rethink the customer onboarding experience. 

Banks especially have had to balance securely establishing customer identities while seamlessly authenticating users — both efforts necessary to exceed customer expectations in a digital-first world. 

Join Okta and Onfido to hear everything you wanted to know about digital identity and customer experience. 

Watch to learn: 

  • How Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation and onboarding
  • How you can use identity proofing and CIAM throughout the customer journey
  • The top 4 things to look for in a complete digital identity solution

Hear from Financial Services Advisor, Alfy Louis from Onfido, and Group Product Marketing Manager, Swaroop Sham from Okta, who will discuss the key components of a cloud-first identity strategy and answer common questions about 100% cloud and mobile organizations.

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