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Ask Onfido Dear Perplexed by PEPs, Don't worry – the good news is, these almost certainly are false positives! The even better news is that our product team is currently working on a way to solve this problem. We'll be sure to let you know all about it as soon as it's ready. In the meantime, we currently provide you with a date of birth and an image (where we have one) to help you differentiate between false matches and correct ones. If that's not helping, and you have the ability to integrate, I'd suggest creating more code on your end which could: • filter out the links that don't apply to you (eg. domains outside the UK, when your applicants are and only have been based in the UK) • run a facial check when images are found • ensure applicants' middle names are included, and compare this against their document check. As far as a self-service form goes, I'm not sure it would be enough to satisfy the regulators. I'd suggest checking on that internally with your own Compliance specialist. Hope this helps answer your question! FATEHA Customer Support Lead Dear Onfido, I've got a problem with false positives on my PEPs and Sanctions checks. I've been through and taken out all the obvious ones, but there's still a really long list. I'm sure that 80-90% are false positives, and perfectly safe to use my platform – so how do I get them on board? Is there a self-certification form I can ask them to sign, and that regulators would be happy to accept? Yours, Perplexed by PEPS You asked, we answered! From risk to regulation, passports to APIs. we know identity verification can be a tricky business. That's why we're making it our mission to demystify what we do at Onfido. If you've got a burning question you need answered – no matter how big or small, contact us...

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