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Orange needed a reliable identity verification provider who could support their customer-centric, 100% digital vision. They found this in Onfido, partnering with them to bring Onfido's Document and Selfie checks into the Orange Flex account creation flow. They chose Onfido because of our experience and reliability. Orange liked the fact that Onfido had experience with a range of mobile applications and big clients (such as Revolut), and that we were able to support a wide range of identity documents. For example, the Polish passport alone has over 10 versions - Orange had to know their chosen identity provider had the expertise to manage this. Orange Flex creators were so confident in Onfido's reliability that they even demonstrated the onboarding flow live in front of the press - creating an account and registering in Orange Flex in just a few minutes. The solution With their Flex App, Orange is on a mission to disrupt the telco industry. Launched in May 2019, Orange Flex took a visionary approach to uber-ize the digital telco experience. By going back to basics and asking their customers, 'what don't you like about telco services' and 'what would you change', they've been able to carve out a space in the market and create what no other telco is offering - a system that addresses all customer pain points, through a fully-digital experience. One of the main pain points Orange identified was payments. Customers on traditional mobile plans didn't like not knowing what to expect from their invoice at the end of the month. So Orange Flex ditched invoices, post-pay, and pre-paid models. Customers instead pay a fixed amount of money each month via a subscription service. It's completely automated and there are no unexpected surprises, to the delight of their customers. But to make the Orange Flex experience 100% digital, Orange needed to move away from face-to-face verification. For Flex, they knew they had to verify customer identities in order to be compliant. However, there were concerns that a) customers might not be ready for the digital verification, and b) the process might not be as reliable as their face-to-face approach. The challenge Orange Flex is a subscription-based telecommunications app. Launched in 2019 in Poland, Orange Flex is disrupting the industry by offering a 100% digital service. Customers can set-up their mobile plan, make payments and complete other activities, all within the app. with an AI-driven approach to identity verification to activate a number on eSIM-enabled devices providing a better UX for customers, and securely keeping out fraudsters success rate of Document Verification ~90% 2 minutes case study

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