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hoolah wanted a partner who could help them seamlessly verify customers with confidence, to help them get customers on board and using their platform. That's where Onfido came in. When a customer opens an account on mobile or desktop, they go through the usual hoolah sign-up process. They verify their identity only once they are about to make their first purchase - with Onfido, that's as simple as a quick photo of their ID and Selfie Video using their smartphone. Decoupling the sign-up and identity verification processes in this way gives customers real value before they're asked for additional information, improving conversion rates. The solution hoolah is on a mission to empower merchants and consumers through responsible affordability. They're achieving this today through their online buy-now-pay-later platform - enabling customers to purchase goods from their favorite retailers through affordable installments. Founded in 2018 in Singapore, hoolah has seen rapid growth, fueled by their human approach. Weaved into their customer experience and merchant partnerships, hoolah builds relationships and positive interactions into their product. It's this approach that keeps merchants excited to work with them, and that drives rave customer reviews. As a financial service regulated in Singapore, hoolah must verify customer identities for AML and KYC purposes. And as they expand internationally, they need to ensure that these processes hold up to scrutiny with local regulators. Knowing their customer also enables hoolah to de-risk their product, only offering BNPL services to real people, and not fraudsters who present a financial and reputational risk. But for hoolah, it's not enough to just 'tick' regulatory boxes. They want identity verification to feel as seamless as making a purchase. In the same way that a customer can swipe and pay at a till quickly and securely, they should be able to verify their identity in the same way. The challenge hoolah is Asia's leading omni- channel, buy-now-pay-later ecosystem. Founded in Singapore 2018, hoolah is serving both merchants and customers alike. For merchants, hoolah drives customer growth through conversion and basket size. For customers, hoolah offers a responsible, affordable way to purchase from leading retailers. 3 minutes for a smoother, more secure checkout experience to verify a hoolah customer verified and supported by Onfido's global ID verification coverage countries of origin that hoolah customers belong to 53 case study

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