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As a digital-only product, opening branches was off the table. The team knew they wanted a digital-first partner, and looked for three things: a product that helped them verify their customers identities, a brand they could trust to support them, and a company that would innovate as a partner, not just a technology vendor. Onfido won out on all of the above, powered by our Real Identity approach to customer verification, bringing together a government- issued ID with a facial biometric for seamless and secure onboarding. The solution Mettle by NatWest® is a free business account that's easier to open and use for a traditionally underserved population: small business owners. As a fully remote business account, Mettle has two challenges to gaining market share: satisfying compliance needs at scale, while making it seamless for customers to apply for an account. Carrying out "Know Your Customer" (KYC) checks is a regulatory mandate for Mettle. They had to solve this in a way that could scale with their growing team and move towards being a fully digital service In addition to building a mobile-first business account and fulfilling mandatory requirements, Mettle wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to open an account. In their words, "customers just want to get an account in a way that is pain-free and easy to understand". For customers who are used to visiting a branch, talking to an agent, and having their identity verified on-premise, opening a Mettle account digitally for the first time needs to be seamless. Consumers expect to be able to access an account instantly, wherever they are—that's where Mettle and Onfido joined forces. The challenge Mettle is the free business account by Natwest® that helps small businesses start, run and grow. It's designed for sole traders and limited companies and gives them the resources they need to efficiently manage the financial side of their businesses. 11 clicks getting customers from A to B faster from start to finish for idenitity verification with a fully digital verification process for a customer to have their identity verified 2 minutes case study

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