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The marketplace and sharing economy ecosystem faces a unique problem. Users not only need to trust you, but also the peers they're doing business with. Onfido identity verification solutions allow you to see real identities, not just usernames. We help you stop fraud before it enters your platform, and give your users the confidence they need to transact with one another online, or in the real world. Marketplaces Identity verification Stop fraud, protect your users You need to catch fraud at the door to protect your platform, brand, and fundamentally, your users. Onfido directs your users to submit a photo ID at the best place in their journey – sign-up, first purchase or when they choose to 'opt-in'. We verify if the ID is genuine, and flag fraudulent submissions. Less fraud means higher platform and peer trust, so you can create more engaged users who feel secure doing business with one another, generating more business for your platform. If you'd like to further increase security, you can enable a facial biometric step. Your users submit a selfie, and we match it against the face on the ID. So you have confidence the document is being submitted by its rightful owner. Create trust, not friction Whether your users are verifying on mobile or desktop, our solutions are built to intuitively guide users through the process. Our goal is to maximize user verifications, minimize friction. We understand that a user's identity experience doesn't end at onboarding. With our selfie re-check feature, a user who needs to recover their account, or is showing signs of impersonation fraud can re-affirm their identity without needing to struggle with two-factor authentication or knowledge- based authentication. We simply ask them to resubmit a selfie, and we check their facial biometrics against the document they used to onboard. Widen access without increasing operational costs To improve accuracy and safeguard verification pass rates as you grow, Onfido combines machine learning-powered AI with human fraud experts. We accept over 4,600 document types from 195 countries, so your Trust and Safety team don't have to become experts in document fraud to onboard users globally. 23% decreased drop-off at onboarding 22% decrease in theft attempts 39% increase in users verified and onboarded 35% reduction in fraud rate after switching, thanks to Onfido's Document and Selfie checks

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