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The missing piece in your digital transformation The world is moving from offline and face-to-face, to online and on- demand interactions. Telecommunications providers need to catch up in order to compete. Meet the growing expectations of your customer base with Onfido's fully remote identity solution. Customers are onboarded and verified via their smartphone or computer. Let the right customers in, seamlessly and securely Every customer that drops out of registration is a lost opportunity for your business. Onfido helps telecommunications providers around the world build a great UX while filtering out the bad actors. Customers can register in seconds, with real-time feedback, thanks to our industry-leading SDK. It's how yallo were able to reduce the time taken to onboard each customer to a contract by 90%. And our ID coverage spans 4,600 documents in 195 countries, so you can reach an international audience. Reduce the costs of your back-office operations Ensuring that a customer is legitimate and eligible for a pre-paid SIM or a contract should be a benefit to your business, not a blocker. Onfido's hybrid approach to fraud, combining human experts with machine learning, enables your teams to do more, translating to huge cost savings for your business. We verify identities, so you can serve customers. Reach the next generation of customers without compromising on conversion and security. Onfido enables telecommunications providers to verify a customer's identity by checking their government-issued ID and biometrics in a fully remote, digital-first setting. Telecommunications Identity verification We believe in using technology not just for technology's sake, but to provide a better service for customers. This starts with building the experience around the customer. Partnering [with Onfido] has enabled Swype to do this, starting with world- leading registration. Mark Kl√ľnnen Director of Strategy & Propositions, yallo "

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