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Accurate and easy registration At registration a user submits their identity document, and Onfido's Registration Autofill solution extracts their ID data. We then use it to auto- populate signup forms, eliminating keystrokes for your customers, and ensuring better data integrity for you. Build trusted relationships We assess whether a user's ID is fraudulent at sign-up, catching 98.7% of fraudulent applications. You can also create easy, self-service step-up biometric verification experiences for high risk users. By incorporating our simple video liveness check, you can confirm that a document hasn't been stolen. Making your business safer, and your users happier. Recredential in seconds not minutes Reduce friction for customers and workload for support staff: empower users to authenticate themselves using biometrics. At a high risk moment, such as account recovery, all a user has to do is snap a selfie. We then match the photo against the document they registered with. So your customers always have easy access to your business. We anchor accounts to real identities at sign-up, by analyzing a government-issued ID and facial biometrics. So you can unlock effective identity lifecycle management within the Okta platform. Onfido unlocks effective identity lifecycle management: accurate and easy registration; document and biometric verification; and on-going re-authentication that lets customers do more at moments of risk. + We enable digital access by verifying a user's real identity.

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