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We're building a digital- first, customer-first banking service, going above and beyond the benchmark set by branches. A key part of that is making a sign-up experience that is compliant and frictionless. Onfido helps us to do just that. Joseph Connelly Senior Product Manager, Mettle " Enable access through remote verification Over 50% of the world's population use the internet on a regular basis — that's 3.9 Billion potential customers for your products and services [1]. Going digital brings huge growth opportunities, but can also expose businesses to new attack vectors such as sophisticated digital counterfeits and forgeries. In a world where anyone can buy a fake ID online for as little as $35, we've seen that a growing number of fraudulent IDs originate digitally — up to 30% [2] of attacks we see. Onfido is equipped to catch the fraud vectors that agents in face-to- face interactions are not even aware of. Our SDK protects against doctored ID uploads, and we check against complex fraud signals such as font anomalies and altered templates for 4,600 documents globally. Spotting the difference Machine-led identity verification also comes out on top against traditional face-to-face methods for Biometrics, too. Studies have shown that human agents miss up to 14% of fraud [3] when comparing the face in front of them to the photo on an ID. Unlike manual agents, our algorithms don't tire or succumb to individual biases, and our algorithms learn with every data point for consistent improvement and performance. The best of both worlds We believe that the real "gold standard" brings together the best that AI and humans have to offer in a remote identity verification approach built for enabling digital access. Our technology processes the data to dig beneath the surface of security features within seconds. When IDs are flagged, we make sure that agents have the information required to make fast and informed decisions at scale. In the old world of offline and in-branch interactions, face-to-face was deemed the "golden standard" in verifying the identities of individuals accessing products. As the world moves online, and access to services goes digital, face-to-face verification is increasingly being shown to be unfit for purpose — the "golden standard" is no longer a silver bullet. Onfido brings together the best of Artificial Intelligence and human experts in a hybrid approach, catching more fraud combined than either method alone, and ensuring a balance of security and user experience for remote interactions. Digital Identity Verification

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