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Convert guests to known users Stay ahead of the competition and give your customers the very best user experience. Onfido's document verification helps remove friction at account opening. If you're selling age restricted products, it also performs age verification checks. And with the OCR Autofill function, the whole experience is even faster and smoother than ever before. Unlock revenue that's lost to chargebacks Retail chargeback costs reach around $40 billion per year. Preventing them can be key for your business. But in blocking potentially fraudulent purchases, you also stop some legitimate ones. Onfido's identity verification solutions let you verify legitimate users caught in the crossfire, and unlock more revenue. Plus, you can implement the checks at whichever point works for you—from account creation, through to checkout. Prevent costly account takeovers Protecting your genuine users from fraud is key, especially when it comes to account takeover. It's important that your users can log back into their account easily. But they also need assurance that no one will be able take over their account and make fraudulent purchases. Balance these concerns by adding a facial biometric step to your identity verification process, and make account recovery as easy as snapping a selfie. 35% reduction in fraud rate after switching, thanks to Onfido's Document and Selfie checks Create a better checkout and shopping experience for your users with smoother, smarter identity verification. Reduce friction, unlock revenue that's lost to chargebacks and prevent account takeovers. Onfido can verify your users' identity documents and biometrics quickly and remotely. Retail & eCommerce Identity verification 22% decrease in frequency of theft attempts 23% decrease in user drop off 39% increase in verified users

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