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yallo aim to challenge existing practices in the legacy telecommunications market, currently characterised by cumbersome customer-facing and back office processes that are not sufficiently digitalised. Instead, yallo swype caters to the "hop on, hop off" generation of digital natives, inspired by customer-centered services such as Netflix and Revolut. But to achieve this, yallo had to juggle three key issues: regulation, UX, and building a digital-first culture. Performing strict checks on IDs is a regulatory requirement for Swiss Telcos, and this traditionally meant that a customer would need to submit documents online, fill out a number of forms, and wait for their subscription to be manually verified — a process that could take hours to complete. yallo needed to go above and beyond this, making it easy for a customer to sign up to swype from the comfort of their couch, with a world-leading experience. The challenge At Onfido, it is our mission to create a more open world, where identity is the key to access — leveraging the best that AI and human experts have to offer in identity verification, making the experience smoother and more secure for customers. It's a mission we have in common with Moflix, who have created a digital platform to create a new kind of telecommunications operator — one that's simple, fair, and digital. Onfido & Moflix teamed up to power Telco operator yallo's disruptive new service, swype; a subscription-based platform where customers onboard onto a network contract remotely. The partnership With swype, yallo are building the "Netflix for mobile subscriptions", putting power back in the hands of their customers. And customers have the freedom to "hop on" and "hop off" their contract anytime. 90% from 30 minutes to 3 minutes with Onfido reduction in time to verify a customer compared to years with legacy systems days from "concept" to "production-ready" 100 case study

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