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Onfido resolved all our onboarding challenges in one go. We were able to adapt their tech to tick regulatory and compliance boxes, and upcoming regulatory changes. Most importantly, the speed of onboarding increased drastically... it's a much more intuitive process for our customers. Taj Ratta Co-founder, Small Screens Casino " Onfido's identity and age verification help you make fast and informed judgements about your customers. Is the customer at checkout who they say they are? Are they of the legal age to be buying from you? All a user has to do is scan their state-issued ID with their phone. We verify both the user's age and that the document they are presenting is genuine, using our hybrid approach of AI and human experts. We also populate registration forms with data extracted from the ID. So you can get good customers through checkout with an experience that's smooth and secure. Cannabis Identity verification Start your customer's journey securely Cannabis is a growing industry. From age verification to fraud detection, it pays to be two steps ahead. Onfido's Document Verification for web and mobile gives you the assurance that customer Identity Documents are genuine. And our Registration Autofill service helps you turn visitors into paying customers. Once they take a picture of their ID, we extract their data and pre-populate sign-up forms for faster registration. Make compliance your competitive advantage Fines. Fraud. Negative press. All of these put your business at risk. Stay ahead of competition and changing regulation by building a trusted brand from day one with identity verification that scales. Set your business up for future success. We support all US government IDs, so you can offer swift, smooth, and secure onboarding as you scale into new states. Tech built with your business in mind Verification shouldn't cost you good customers. Our mobile SDK lets you build a flow that turns visitors into customers seamlessly. Real-time feedback such as glare detection means that your UX can support your customer through their journey. And with our comprehensive and publicly documented developer tools, you can get production-ready with Onfido in no time.

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