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Our vetting process is very extensive and time consuming. Known Faces helps us identify genuine repeat customers that we can safely speed through the vetting process, saving us money and the customer time. Product Manager International Payment Processing Business " Recognise known faces and prevent duplicate accounts For financial services, it's money launderers. For loyalty schemes, it's bonus abusers. And for trust marketplaces, it's blocked users returning to try again. There are many bad actors who'll exploit any vulnerability in your identity verification for repeat account creations. Known Faces gives you the tools needed to fight back. It compares the selfie being taken with all other stored facial biometrics that have passed through your system, and returns information on whether the face has been seen before, plus the applicant identifier of any matches. Build a Known Faces flow that fits your business needs Integrate Known Faces with your existing verification processes, or combine it with Onfido's Document Verification and Selfie Biometric Verification. Be confident that the person registering for your product is not only who they say they are, but is not a known face trying to access and exploit your system. Flag repeat bad users, and help the good ones Known Faces gives you the tools you need to act in real time. Detailed breakdowns and match scores enable businesses to build customer logic, like automatically flagging accounts belonging to a previously seen or known face, escalating them to an internal Customer Ops team for review. Onfido's Known Faces gives you the tools to react in real time to accounts belonging to faces that have previously passed through your system. Repeat offenders returning with new accounts? Flag them before they cost you money. Innocent users accidentally making duplicate accounts? Redirect them to recover their account and password, or escalate to an internal team. Whatever your business needs, Known Faces gives you the tools to build a flow that protects both you and your customers. Known faces

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