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Age verification for a new generation of gamers If you rely on credit bureaus for identity verification, you're missing out. More than half of new gaming sign ups are young players with thin credit files. You could onboard 40% more millennials using document verification technology. Scale fast, and scale globally The World Cup. The SuperBowl. The Oscars. No industry faces onboarding spikes like gaming does. Use AI to scale instantly when the big event kicks off. Onfido also provides global ID coverage, with support for over 4,500 documents in 195 countries. Make onboarding a breeze Make it simple for players to verify themselves from any device, with our cross-device flow. They can go from first tap to submission in under 10 seconds thanks to market leading SDKs, and features like OCR Autofill, which pre-populate form to cut down on user friction and input error. With Onfido, it's a simpler, easier, more intuitive process for the player. We've seen a 30% increase in onboarding and a 15% increase in types of customers that we weren't able to target before. Taj Ratta Co-founder, Small Screens Casinos " Sign up more players with smoother, smarter identity verification. From age verification to helping you navigate KYC requirements, Onfido can verify your users' identity documents and biometrics quickly and remotely, at onboarding or at points of risk. Gaming Identity verification

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