Bidding farewell to offering criminal checks

November 29, 2018 Niamh Cassidy

At Onfido, identity verification is what we love. Our vision is to build an open world, where identity is the key to access.

That’s why we’ve decided to discontinue our Criminal Check product line. We’re now working with Verifile in the UK and Checkr in the USA as our recommended partners for this service.

Since we were founded, identity verification has been our area of expertise. Proving that a person is who they claim to be is a crucial first step before any other checks can be performed. At the request of some of our early clients in the UK and the US, we added a Criminal Check offering.

Six years on, we’re now a global identity verification provider, with over 1,500 clients worldwide. Earlier this year, we decided to discontinue the Criminal Check product line, and recommend Verifile (in the UK) and Checkr (in the USA) for any businesses looking for this service. Moving forward, Onfido will continue to verify identities—whether a person is who they claim to be—and our new partners will help businesses that want to carry out criminal or other background checks.

With half the world’s adult population not represented on credit bureaus and un-or-underbanked, and the other half at the risk of identity theft, there's never been a more important time for swift, secure identity verification. We’re excited to now be focussed exclusively on identity verification, so that we can achieve our vision of building an open world where identity is the key to access.

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