Big matches, big opportunities

Niamh Cassidy

How to harness the millennial market and scale up in sports betting

It’s a bigger game than ever

The number of new users signing up to gambling platforms is on the rise. Big sporting events are catalysts for these signups: this year, one in three Britons bet on the World Cup. 

Match-ready onboarding is key

79% of users will go elsewhere if the onboarding user experience doesn’t live up to their expectations. And in such a competitive market, you can’t afford to make the smallest mistake. Providers need to deliver a slick, secure and scalable sign-up process that will keep customers happy.

From The World Cup to worldwide expansion

New legislation in the US will give ambitious sports betting companies the opportunity to scale into one of the most valuable markets in the world. How can you translate UK best practice into a competitive edge in the USA?

We conducted a national survey to reveal the true state of play for UK gambling this summer.

1. The World Cup is a catalyst for signups

The tournament brought in the vast majority of British customers: our research showed that 78% of gamblers bet on the World Cup. 

It’s also a catalyst for growing the market to new prospects. Big sports events offer massive commercial potential for savvy platforms who can attract new players – 26% of Britons bet for the very first time this World Cup season. 

That growth is coming from millennials, the audience segment most passionately engaged with betting. A higher percentage of millennials intend to bet this summer than any other age range. 

58% of 16-29 year olds nationally bet on the World Cup - that means young people who didn’t bet on the World Cup at all were be in the minority this year. 

And not just that, but of the millennials who’ll place a bet in 2018, 86% bet on the World Cup. 

Read the full report here.

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